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The Sunset Strip Diaries

Estep & Fitzgerald Literary Publishing

The Sunset Strip Diaries Overview

There comes a time in every girl's life, where she has to choose good or choose bad. Amy Asbury chose bad, hands down. Good meant wallflowers, secretaries and subservient wives. Bad meant power- and a possible escape from a life of secrets. At twelve years old she was trying to make sense of a drug-addicted father and his disturbing behavior. By fifteen she was dealing with horrendous depression, blackouts and rape. At sixteen she was in a mental institution for suicidal tendencies and violent behavior. She knew she could never be normal. The only place for a girl like her was Hollywood. This is a true story of the social ascent (and eventual decline) of a girl in the Sunset Strip music scene of the early 1990's. From crazy parties to glittered junkies and man-eating strippers, Amy has chronicled what life was like back in the days of excess and debauchery. It is not just a fascinating look into an amusing time in pop culture, but also details the mindset of a young woman trying to find confidence and self-worth in a life full of pain and chaos. The party came screeching to a halt when the Grunge movement took over and heroin became more prominent. How far off track can a person go before it's too late?

The Sunset Strip Diaries Editorial Reviews

"The descriptions of the Sunset Strip crowd and their social hierarchy were hilariously interesting. A fascinating study in pop culture and a very entertaining read..."


"Endearing, yet terrifying..." "Clever and witty...""You will never want to let your daughter out of the house again..."

Galen W

One of the BEST reads ever, seriously. Better than most of the autobiographies out there from the bands/members, cause this is done "first hand" from an outside perspective. She was a fan, she was young and she lived it all. If you love the genre/era of the Sunset Strip days and you like a honest-to-goodness true account of what went on (while dropping names left and right), then you NEED to read this book-I'll give you the money personally. Hell, I'll give you enough to buy the sequel too"

Christie Barron

"A wonderful roller coaster ride. She tells how she entered the crowd; climbed to the top like she wanted to do, and then started screwing up- it was hilarious. You will then read about her demise, and the opening of her eyes. There is a sequel coming out called "Confetti Covered Quicksand", or so it says on the last page of the book- and I am going to have to get that because this book leaves you with a question: what became of this girl? I was dying to know by the end. There is a sequel!"

Stella 1980

"There were so many times I wanted to be there but just as many when I didn't. It was a real page-turner and the only disappointment was that the book had to end. My jaw is still on the floor and I can’t wait to read book number two!”

"The book is just a wonderful and scary trip."

“Both of her books blew me away and will always be in my top 10 favorite reads.”

"Truly exceptional."

"captivating, scandalous, and incredibly delicious."

Shari Brown

"There were parts in the book where I was just cringing and wanted to cry for her!! And other parts where my heart was pounding out of my chest. If one book could sum up the 90's scene, I believe this book does it. It was like looking into a personal diary of someone who was like all of us with teenage angst, except with much wilder experiences. You just can't make this stuff up! Most people go their whole lives without half of the experiences she had"

Krisa Belle

"I thought this book was amazing! Even if hair bands aren't your thing, this book is wildly entertaining! At times hilarious, heart-wrenching, and poignant. I devoured it in 2 days and then immediately bought the sequel!"

"I've stayed up til 2 a.m the past two nights because I can't put this book down."

Readers' Reviews

The Sunset Strip Diaries

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